What we want:
An innovative, market leading digital solution. Think blue sky, bigger picture, make it shiny and solve all our problems.

Meanwhile, under the ‘hood’ of the system…
A Frankenstein monster of different tech solutions, cobbled together to serve multiple, un-prioritised end goals for different users.

You know who doesn’t have legacy systems? B2C customers.

Why do Companies expect legacy systems to work seamlessly with new tech?

There’s a level of inertia caused by legacy tech. …

I’ve been having a slight moral vs practice dilemma lately. One social media post later, I realised I’m not the only one.

The key takeaway of the post was that even though we are taught ‘best practice’ (on courses, in books, seminars) and discuss it avidly amongst our peers, when it comes to ‘real world’ practice, we still solve for what The Company wants to put out on the market and how quickly that can happen. “Best practice” seemingly flies out the window, and this is (often, but not always) blamed on budgets. Or as Morné Leander commented:

I’m still okay with meeting Business’s expectations, as a UX Designer you have to balance technology constraints, business needs and user experience. The problem…

I’ve been taking the IDF course on affordances, and following on an article on Medium by Patrick Thornton, I wanted to understand this a bit better, because I find referring to ‘real world’ objects doesn’t really help when looking at a GUI.

I find a lot of these comparisons a little difficult to carry across to the digital medium. A hammer is nothing like an app!

For anyone who has ever worked in Film or TV production, I’m sure you’ve had a similar thought — schedules and call sheets are difficult to read at the best of times, and sometimes they waste a lot of paper because of their structure and layout.

The examples below show you one or two scenes per sheet (A4). Now multiply that over an entire Production. Imagine a script of over 80 scenes, that’s 80 pages minimum per version, and a printed copy for each individual on set or working off-site:

Example 1:

I’m currently working through an online course about VR & Storytelling.

One of the exercises we were asked to complete was quite fun, so I wanted to write my answer down here, to share for anyone else who’d like to try this for themselves. It’s quick and easy to do (it took about 5 minutes).

Start with an image.

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

Setting the scenario: assign senses to your words.

Immersive storytelling requires designing for presence — and as the name suggests, it works best when a user is presented with a “multi modal” or mixed sensory experience.

A key to try get…

After doing some user testing this week, I wanted to try out a new app for voice-transcription. As many of you will know, these apps are never 100% accurate, but I love Transcribe for its ease of use and pay-per-unit-of-time model. It mostly gets it right, and when it doesn’t the clever UI follows the voice along so you know which word you’re on while listening — and can easily identify & correct the error.

So 10/10 to the app, but how funny are these typos?

A company called thank god.

In South Africa, 7% of adults aged 21 to 79 — that’s about 3.85 million people — have diabetes.

As summarised in the article linked above, here are some of the issues diabetes brings in South Africa:

  • Lives have become more sedentary and work environments are not conducive to physical activity. In South Africa in particular, patients often quote crime, road safety concerns and poorly maintained parks and recreational areas as reasons for not exercising outdoors.
  • Diabetes is a complex condition which causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. There are many people in the population with…

I recently read about a new ’concept’ restaurant in London, advertised to be a first of its kind.

A 24-hour diner in the heart of bustling London, serving an all-you-can-eat English buffet. The menu included traditional food with a ‘modern’ twist, such as Smokey Mint, Leek & Potato Soup, Bangers with Apple Mash, and the classic Eaton Mess with Pomegranate and Passion fruit. On Sundays, there would be a special roast buffet with Baked Alaska making an appearance.

You can imagine my excitement. I tried for months to book a table for a friend and to sample the menu.


Ola Podgorska

Human centred experience & graphic design. Ontological misfit. London/Cape Town. Dabble in film & TV.

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